It’s a day employees celebrate with hilarity; a great reward for the work they have successfully completed. With efficient payroll software in place, Human Resource departments can organize all the tasks of employee payment and filing of taxes, while ensuring employers are paid precisely and timely. In recent years, there has been a tremendous shift in traditional payroll processes to the adoption of automatic-web-based solutions for accessing and completing payroll services, regardless of the location. Today, HR departments are widely adopting this automatic web-based solution to gain efficiencies, reduce payroll processing time, and improve their payroll functions.

Since technology is becoming imperative in all parts of business, there is no doubt that payroll technology is moving to the forefront as well. HR departments are strongly embracing mobile apps to access their payroll data with the highest level of security. On the other hand, the advent of detailed electronic pay stubs, advanced payroll tax calculator, and electronic fund transfer credit system have made the life of payroll officials much simpler than ever. Today, payroll software solutions are also highly configurable to organization’s unique requirements.

However, Payroll solutions provider may vary from one vendor to another, and there is a need to select best combination of technologies to drive success. With that in mind, in the last few months, we have evaluated various payroll software solution providers in the market and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the arena. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the editorial board of HR Tech Outlook have selected the top payroll software solution providers.

The listing provides a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available and how they add value to the Payroll domain.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook‘s Top 10 Payroll Solution Providers 2017.

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Company: PayPlans&Benefits, Inc (PP&B)

Description: Provider of integrated cloud-based payroll & HR services to mid-sized employers throughout the United States

Key Person: Douglas Snowman. President


In the diverse ecosystem of payroll & HR services that encompasses a multitude of organizations, PayPlans&Benefits Inc. (PP&B) offers a suite of innovative payroll & HR solutions that standout in this competitive arena. The firm’s major offerings integrate payroll processing, compliance & HR services into one sublimely simple and easy to use HRIS package. According to Douglas Snowman, President at PayPlans&Benefits, Inc. their emphasis is on better management of the compliance obligations in the payroll and HR landscape. He says, “We streamline these HR processes for our clients and since the payroll/HRIS is the central hub of information for any company—PP&B’s HR cloud assists clients greatly, ensuring accurate and timely reporting.”

While offering a truly integrated HR suite of services remains the cornerstone of PP&B’s mission, the payroll services also embed federal, state and local filing services and payroll tax withholdings.

Embracing the ever-increasing demand for cloud computing, PP&B’s integrated ‘HR cloud’ service empowers organizations with a comprehensive single-sign-on tool (SSO). The journey from managing job applicants, to on-boarding candidates, coupled with setting up a new employee into the payroll and enrolling in their benefits is a seamless and automated process. This results in much greater efficiency and elimination of errors. Even though the thrust nowadays is towards automation, Douglas stresses the fact that while technology is a great tool, these tools need to be supported by the human touch. “We are working hard to maximize technology, but it’s our certified HR professionals that make the biggest difference. We support the technology with a crackerjack team of HR professionals.”

While strongly advocating for technology solutions and supporting these solutions with world class service, Douglas stresses the need to customize PayPlans&Benefits Inc.’s offerings with their client’s needs & wants. A maxim that the firm strives to achieve is ‘Listen more, talk less’. PP&B combines a customized needs analysis for each client providing a baseline HR audit to determine the best recommendations for each and every client.

As an example, a large group of nursing homes was struggling with new CMS reporting requirements known as Payroll Based Journal (PBJ) reporting. This reporting to the Federal government was mandatory and onerous to say the least. Working closely with their client, PP&B was able to automate the PBJ reporting mandated by CMS and save their client considerable time & anguish. Not to mention, compliance was maintained while fees and penalties were avoided.

In addition to the payroll & HR services mentioned previously, PP&B’s services extend to the employee benefits areas as well. Their services include benefits communication, education and enrollment services during their client’s annual open enrollment periods. All of these processes are also conducted on the same integrated payroll/HRIS platform.

These services assist organizations in properly communicating the company’s employee benefit programs in a consistent and thorough manner ensuring that each employee is given a clear description of each benefit that is available to them, along with the opportunity to enroll. Douglas states: “As more employers are being forced to become creative in their efforts to contain escalating health insurance costs, the need to be able to communicate these solutions is critical in order to maintain happy employees. I’m referring specifically to the drastic increase we’re seeing in the usage of HSA’s and HRA’s. These tools represent great ways of containing costs for employers. But, the communication to employees regarding how these programs work is imperative to insure a successful implementation.”

In the coming years, PP&B plans to aggressively expand their payroll & HR services client base by working closely with insurance service providers such as AFLAC, Colonial Life & Allstate Benefits to name just a few.