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Time and attendance tracking is a critical component of human capital management, one that can offer a fast and significant return on investment based on time and cost savings. Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc.’s time and attendance capabilities enable you to streamline payroll preparation, simplify employee scheduling, improve wage and hour compliance, and manage absence and vacation tracking.

Video: Employee Process Timesheet


Say goodbye to paper timesheets, spreadsheets, punch timecards, and countless hours wasted on repetitive time and attendance data entry and corrections. Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc.’s employee time tracking and online time clock solutions automate the time collection process, applies your payroll policies regarding rounding and overtime, instantly calculates hourly totals, and sends that data to payroll for check processing.

Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc. provides various tools to assist you in complying with U.S. wage and hour regulations, including consistent application of pay policies, timecard approval, and an indisputable record of hours worked along with any audits made to the timecards. The system stores years of time and attendance data in easy-to-access electronic form, providing the federal overtime compliance reports needed to help you avoid costly violations.


Accurate payroll starts the moment your employees “clock in.” We understand that you have a diverse workforce, and that’s why we offer the broadest range of data collection options to meet your needs, including time clocks that use badge card, touch screen, and biometric technology, as well as web-based timesheets, and access to tracking via telephone or popular mobile devices. You can mix and match these options to best fit your needs.