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In today’s business climate, your organization is competing for more than market share. You’re competing for talent.

The current workforce glut may increase the candidate pool, but it doesn’t make the talent acquisition process any easier. How can you acquire the right person for the right position at the right time for your company culture? Your organization’s ability to win the war for talent requires integrated systems and processes that connect and align business and talent acquisition strategies.

Video: Onboarding Demo


  • Single point of access to candidate relationship management and onboarding services.
  • Flexible candidate, hiring process, and onboarding workflow to collect and present the right information at the right time.
  • Administration tools to self–manage the core recruiting platform and new hire portal.
  • Standard integrations and APIs to close integration seams with third–party solutions involved in the hiring process, and as a result, help reduced duplicate data entry
  • Role–based security for sourcing, recruiting and onboarding for your employees and your authorized partners or agencies


Don’t risk damaging your brand – or your ability to attract and retain top talent. Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc. can help you avoid the public exposure associated with non–compliance by delivering product support services to address regulatory pre–employment and onboarding directives such as OFCCP, Equal Employment Opportunity, Fair Credit Reporting, Form I–9/E–Verify, and Federal/State Tax Withholding Forms. You’ll also benefit from our talent acquisition platform’s flexible workflow to support the enforcement of hiring processes, policies, and forms. So you can rest assured that your talent acquisition practices comply with government regulations and guidelines.


You need your systems to work together seamlessly to yield optimal results. At Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc., integration is a strategic offering – not a tactical one. Why? Because you can achieve significant productivity gains by closing the seams within the talent acquisition lifecycle process, across human capital management, and throughout your operating environment. When the benefits extend that far, tight, seamless integration is unquestionably a strategic advantage.