Insurance and benefits that come with guarantees.
Because life doesn’t.

Critical Illness Insurance

  • Provides Lump Sum Benefits: upon diagnosis of Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Organ Failure, Renal Failure & Coma
  • Health Screening Benefit: $50 benefit paid to policyholder each year a health screening benefit is completed
    • Tests Include: Pap smear, Mammography, Colonoscopy, Stress test, Serum cholesterol test, EKG, ECHO and PSA
  • Portable: Coverage comes with you if you leave your job, cost and coverage remain the same based on enrolment age

Critical Illness – Sample Non-Tobacco Weekly Premiums

Simplified Issue – Limited Medical Questions

Get locked in at your current rate and can be brought with you for lifetime coverage

Sample Ages $10,000 $25,000 $50,000
$Ages 20-29 $1.38 $2.77 $5.08
Ages 30-39 $2.33 $5.13 $9.81
Ages 40-49 $3.64 $8.42 $16.38
Ages 50-59 $6.78 $16.27 $32.08
Ages 60-69 $11.49 $28.04 $55.61

Your Benefits Counselors


Jesse White
Benefits Counselor
Membership Benefits Group
(781) 910-1438

GIVE JESSE A CALL AT (781) 910-1438

For nurses from Brigham and Women’s Hospital or UMass Medical Center please reach out to Jim Nason:


Jim Nason
Benefits Counselor
(978) 514-3946

GIVE JIM A CALL AT (978) 514-3946

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