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PayPlans & Benefits Contract Drivers

Personal Insurance for Commercial Truck Drivers

We make it easy for commercial truck drivers to take advantage of the subsidized insurance options introduced with the Affordable Care Act, and answer the more difficult questions regarding the changes. PP&B can quickly and easily set you up with the following programs:


Discounted Private Health Insurance

We advise and help you navigate the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace free of charge, in order to get you private health insurance plans at heavily reduced costs, due to the federal subsidies that are now available. It’s as easy as giving us a call, and having us do the application with you over the phone in as little as 10 minutes.

The affordable care act requires Americans to be covered with health insurance in order to avoid a tax penalty. Learn more about how the health care law will affect you in 2015. PayPlans & Benefits can assist you with the following questions, and many more:

  • Will you qualify for the available subsidies that can make premiums more affordable?
  • What are the fines for not being covered?
  • Will pre-existing medical conditions be covered?
  • How do you enroll?

Life Insurance Through All Major Companies

Personal life insurance products offer an easy answer for you and your employees to help fill the life insurance gap. We offer a variety of voluntary cash value life and term life insurance products.

Term Life Insurance

An individual term life insurance product that offers 3 level term options (10, 20 and 30 year), level death benefits, family coverage, guaranteed rates and is guaranteed renewable to age 95, convertible to age 75.

Universal Life Insurance

A cash-value life insurance product with flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit. Flexibility allows an employee to adapt to changing needs by varying face amounts and premiums.

Critical Illness Insurance through Colonial Life

Colonial Life’s individual Critical Illness Insurance plans that complement major medical coverage by helping employees pay the direct and indirect costs associated with a specified critical illness. You can select from several levels and plan options to help meet your needs.

Accident Insurance through Colonial Life

Colonial Life’s guaranteed renewable accident insurance provides lump-sum indemnity benefits for accidents. Members have a choice of family coverage or stand-alone coverage for themselves, their spouse or dependent children.

Income Protection Insurance through Colonial Life

An individual supplemental income protection product that replaces a portion of income if someone becomes disabled due to a covered accident or covered sickness. For most people, a disability means not only difficulty meeting these financial obligations but also increased out-of-pocket medical costs. With Colonial Life’s personal disability insurance options, you can manage an absence and provide security needed in the event of a disability.

Dental Insurance

A healthy mouth can make for a healthier body. Regular dental care helps keep your mouth healthy. That’s important because problems with your teeth can affect what you eat and how you feel.

Vision Insurance

By keeping your eyes healthy through routine vision exams, glasses and contacts, you can help maintain your livelihood.

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