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Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc.’s talent management solution makes talent acquisition and performance management simple, from initial recruiting to ongoing talent development and other aspects of the career lifecycle. Your company and its people gain further benefits from cloud technology, which enables “anytime, anywhere” access to serve the needs of a distributed, mobile and perhaps even national workforce.

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Now more than ever it’s critical to find the right talent for your organization. With our recruitment solution, you can easily create and manage custom job applications and post them directly to online job boards and social networking sites.

Pay Plans & Benefits, Inc.’s screening and selection services quickly and accurately scrutinize the backgrounds of your candidates, verify they meet your hiring guidelines, and help you comply with state and federal regulations. We take the guesswork out of hiring so you’ll have information to make informed hiring decisions. Once you decide to make a hire, you can easily transition your candidate from applicant to employee with the click of a button.